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I am writing this for a friend of mine, Nic Evans.         Just over a year ago Nic was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed at the waist. Nic is 34 years old and has a wife and three children. His youngest turned 1 on the day of the accident. I have known Nic his whole life and he is a determined and motivated young man. He has a never give up attitude and is always striving to improve. Nic is a trainer at a local gym and was in great physical condition when his life was turned upside down.  Costs for everyday essentials are on the rise as we all know, and the added costs of travel for rehab, and medical expenses can be overwhelming. Nic is on a mission to improve his situation and to ultimately help make others aware of the needs for research and funding for spinal injuries.         Our goal here is to raise money for an F. E. S. bike. (Functional Electrical Stimulation) This bike will help to reduce muscle spasms, reduce muscle atrophy, improve circulation, increase range of motion, and facilitate muscle re-education. Quality of life is what you make it with, what you have. Nic will make the best of his situation and with the help of the FES bike, his quality of life will improve daily.         Nic’s motto is, I Have Goals!         Please find it in your heart to help this young man and his family. Thank you so much. 

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