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Hello, I am 62 and have a neurological disorder related to Parkinson’s that affects my ability to speak. It’s a rare condition that I have had since I was 35 and there is no cure because it’s neurological. Treatment is so expensive. It is very isolating and people are turned off or think that I am sick and or crying when it returns. It’s been a constant worry for me and the medical equipment these Dr’s have to use – a scope – needles, the botox itself is so expensive – even with insurance. What I have through a temp agency just doesn’t cover it.  In turn it affects my ability to work as I am barely understandable and it is painful to talk. I am a contract worker and my job will end in August 2022. My insurance has a deductible of $5,000. I make about 16.00 an hour, live on a relatives couch as I cant afford to move out and my car is in disrepair. I cannot even afford my own place to live and am trying to improve my condition; but maybe someday Medicare will help. Right now I have to work; and need a working voice to do so. No Dr. I know will accept payments. If they do; it is too high. There is no cure for this.  It costs me 955.00 to pay for the ability to speak for a botox injection in my vocal chords that only last 3 months; 6 if I’m lucky. My husband left me in 2019 and I have started over.  I would be happy and every so grateful to get 600.00 and work extra somewhere to get the rest. My Dr. will not accept payments – he wants all up front. I am divorced and my credit is not good enough to get a card to pay. off. I appreciate you looking at this as I will need to work several more years and it is very difficult to do this without the ability to speak at all clearly and without pain. Thank you so much.


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