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Importance of taking Blood Thinners


After released from Regional. His wheel chair beside him on wall. He had to sit up like this for weeks after. Hi. Everyone. Please take the time to read this. I lost my job in Sept. I had spent all of my savings for rent and bills and food since. There is nothing in my account now. My husband is 63 yrs. old he has had two traumatic life changes since 2018. He has been a truck driver and Auto Mechanic his entire life. Has worked his entire life! In June 2018 a semi truck hit the passenger truck he was in on Goodman and Elmore. Life flighted to Regional One. Broken Pelvis, ribs, back, Swelling and blood on his brain. He thought it was 2016.  Spent a month in the Elvis Presley Trauma Center. Than went to step up. He than got put in ICU due to his sodium level being dangerously low. He lost his short term memory. Some of his long term memory from working he has never remembered.  After spending all of that time in the Hospital. He came home and was out of it for a very long time. ( acted like a child when he was first admitted and this cont.. for months after)  He could not walk. Had to stay in a wheel chair for months. Physical Therapy for months after. They gave him a lot of medication. He had to than also ween himself from that. His team of Doctors told us he will have memory issues the rest of his life. No justice for him out of this wreck nothing but heart break. The man who was driving  was drinking and he had no insurance. Currently a warrant out for his arrest. The man fled to Oklahoma without going to court. Looking at over 7 years for aggravated vehicular assault!  That has changed him from working everyday to depression that he can no longer work on classic hot rods and make a good living for his family! Two years later he had a heart attack! Yes! Took him to Methodist Le. B. Olive Branch. Took him straight back and he was having an active heart attack. Two Doctors, 3 nurses was standing by his bedside injecting his IV with medication and finally everything started to calm down. His blood pressure came down and his pulse as well. They saved his life. Got him stable and than took him to surgery where he had two stents put in. Spent two days in hospital. Came home and had to than be on 7 different types of medication. He is now on 5. He also went to therapy for a few months after.  Still seeing a heart Dr. Now he is having problems again. Night sweats during the day. Tired all of the time. They are currently making him appointments for specialist and tests. Scared about Stent Thrombosis. Possibly something wrong with his Stents. His whole life has changed within a couple of years. He can not work at all right now. The Doctors are saying he may never be able to again. Possible have to try for Disability.  I have enrolled in  nursing classes. I have about 9 months left and clinicals. However, I can not afford the monthly payments. ESS will hire me to be a Substitute Teacher after a back ground check gets done. The fee is 40. Can not afford that. I could start on Jan. 3rd.  I have to be the one to take him to the Dr. and help him till we find out what is causing his problems. It is Christmas time where we are supposed to be happy and be together! Not worried about living in your car and being cold.  Having to find a place to park at night. Praying God keeps us safe. Hoping no one knocks on our window telling us we can not park there. Using the bathroom at gas stations in the middle of the night. After he lost his job due to his accident in 2018. We became homeless and parked at the Flying J or Pilot for a few months! It was one of the worst experiences in our lives. I would never want anyone to have to live in their vehicle. Especially a 63 yr. old heart patient. Please share this with anyone you know. We are grateful and blessed for anything! Currently we are weeks behind in rent and got a final notice through email.  We have to pay a total of 580 to get us caught up until 9th of Dec. We obviously need a lot of help at least to make sure we can pay our rent. But we will settle with anything to help us stay here. So we do not have to sleep in our car. With our Doggy and two Cats. It is winter time and very cold. No health insurance. He needs help with his medications. Paying to go to the Dr. Some will bill us but there is a few like the clinics that will not. With our rent everything else is included. We pay 775 a month. We just need a little help. We moved here in 2016. Since than  I have lost my Brother due to Cancer and my Uncle just this summer. It has been a rough move. We are positive people and believe in God. We also know this is our last hope. When I say this is our LAST HOPE! I SERIOUSLY MEAN IT!  We have noone to help us. If you do not feel comfortable with sending money. I can give you all a number or address where you could send the rent if anyone will help us. I just want to try and keep a roof over our heads.  I also have proof of his accident and papers of his heart attack and stents if anyone would like to see them. I have no problem with that. God bless you all. Thank you to everyone who took their time to read this. I apologize for the length! Faith and Daniel

To anyone who would like to personally contact me can email me at owensfaith40@yahoo.com! Thanks Again:)


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