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Do not donate, this is canceled.  A family member paid it.  I am asking for My sister in law, a mother of two and grandmother of four who watches her grandkids so her kids can work and she also works.  She is a great person and would do anything for anyone who needs a 4x bypass she is going to Cleveland Clinic for the bypass and it is out of her network.  She is also a diabetic and has been for several years; she is on an insulin pump, watches her diet, and is careful with her health.  I think of her more as one of my sisters, not a sister-in-law.  She has been with me for surgeries since her brother passed away in 2010 I still think of her as my sister-in-law and would do all I can for her. This is something that runs in her family, her dad, mother, brother, and sister all have had heart problems, when she had a stress test, she thought it might be just a stent-like her sister, and I have, but hers is more serious.  She is in no position to afford this expense.    Not sure yet what the cost will be but I will cancel when the cost is paid.  Had to put an amount in will correct it when I know for sure.  This is the first time I have done this, and I hope I did it correctly.  Hopefully, there are enough helpful, caring people out there to help this wonderful person who deserves it.  Her surgery is scheduled for Jan 30th, 2023.  Cleveland Clinic is her best option for a good outcome.


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