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<p>My name is Brandy and this is literally one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. Swallowing my pride &amp; asking for help for my children &amp; myself. My son Jackson, has been battling a what started out as a viral respiratory infection in August. Then quickly turned into a bacterial infection, pneumonia, and then he was diagnosed with chronic asthma shortly after that. I had to take him back to the ER a few weeks ago due to a stabbing pain in his right side. After his 5th chest x-ray in 3 months, a CT Scan, IV’s for dehydration, steroids, prednisone, and more blood work than any child should endure…it was determined that Jackson is now battling colitis. Due to the steroids &amp; prednisone, his immune system has been weakened, therefore making him vulnerable to illnesses you &amp; I take for granted. He went to see a specialist on Friday &amp; was prescribed 5 NEW meds in addition to the ones he has already been placed on. So that was not cheap to say the least. I’ve been a single mother for about 5 years and have never asked for help. I do work full time &amp; am finishing up my degree. However, with Jackson having been so sick these past few months, he has missed 17 days of school. Those days out are spent with me. So needless to say, I’ve been out of sick days, and used my vacation days when the sick ones ran out. My last check for a 2 week pay period was a little over $300. I do have a mortgage &amp; utilities that are getting behind, medical bills I cannot begin to make payments on until next year, and Christmas…the kids have no idea how scared I am that Christmas may not happen as it has in the past. I am currently one month behind on my mortgage and for the next week and half, I have approx. $22 in the bank. I feel so pathetic putting this out there, I’ve never done anything like this before but as I lay here, watching my 5 yr old baby girl sleep, I’m swallowing my pride for her. I can’t let us loose our home and I’ve never had a late mortgage payment bc that is something I take great pride in. Being able to provide a home for my children. I am asking for help to help cover some of these medical expenses, which includes an ambulance ride to CVMC on Halloween night. I am also asking for help with my mortgage &amp; even a little to provide some small gifts for my children this year. It may not turn out like they are used to…but they will be grateful for anything. I still cannot believe I’m putting this out there, but for once in 5 years, I can not do this alone….Thank you and God Bless</p>


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