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Hey, my name is Cassandra, and I was recently diagnosed with Kidney and Ovarian Cancer. I’m a single mom and right before I was diagnosed, to add insult to injury, I had lost my job. So as soon as I started filing for unemployment, I also filed my taxes. I have been living off of that, but the money has run out. On March 17 I went to the Emergency Room with severe abdominal and lower back pain.  After a few tests and scans, I was immediately admitted to Lakeland Regional hospital on Monday the 21st I had a radical nephrectomy, it’s been a slow recovery process and I still need to have two more procedure. It’s been impossible to find a job while recovering from this surgery. I need help to pay rent, utilities and buy food for my son and me. I was getting food assistance from the state, but my ex-spouse saw to getting it stopped so he would not have to pay child support. I’m a mom of three kids and two fur babies, foster mom to numerous dogs (I have had to take a leave from fostering due to my current health crisis) and a runner (also on hiatus while I recover). I live life out loud, but this set back has brought me to my knees and now I am barely a whisper.  I am in panic mode as I try to navigate being unemployed while fighting multiple cancer diagnoses. It would help to know that bills are paid. I would be able to rest my mind or put it at ease, since most nights I lay awake crying to figure out who will hire someone like me who is sick and how will I ever be able to pay my bills without a job. I did not ask to get sick I wouldn’t wish this on anyone compound that with the stigma of loss of employment, thanks to difficulties caused by the pandemic.  Struggling as a single mom I have learned to become as independent as possible I never ask for help, its actually very hard for me to say I need your help. But I am asking now as I’ve run out of options and here I am humbly asking for your help.


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