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Hello family and friends.  Most of you know Shiloh quite well, and she has often been in your thoughts and prayers.  For the past two years, we know that she has been suffering with multiple health concerns simultaneously.  Despite her afflictions, she has remained strong and positive through it all.  Her devotion to focus on her health has been no easy task in and of itself as she has had to juggle one doctor visit to the next.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the long road she has traveled, here are some key milestones that bring us to the present moment: 

Uterine Cancer (2013 – 2019) –  Shiloh searched for answers with various reproductive abnormalities which finally resulted in diagnosis of ovarian cancer.  She has had two surgeries and several procedures to eliminate her cancer.  Results:  Cancer free, however she still experiences pain in the surgical areas, with no answers as to why.

Neck Surgeries – As she was fighting her cancer, Shiloh wanted to focus on her health and complete other surgeries that were needed but she had put off, in order to keep working and provide for her family.  She first had a vertebrae replacement in her neck, but because of continued pain and worsening conditions, she had to go back and have her vertebrae fused.  Results:  Same as her cancer surgeries, conditions worsened and she struggles with scar tissue healing and horrible pain post surgeries.

Feet Surgeries – Covid times, allowed Shiloh for time off of work so that she could seek help for the painful neuromas that have been present for several years.  She has had to have 5 different surgeries on her feet.  Results:  Both feet are now MORE painful than they were before the surgeries.  She explains the pain as a “blow torch, constantly burning, throbbing and shooting pain.”

Diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) –  Also known as “the suicide disease” – Shiloh continued to follow up with her doctors in search for answers as to why she was not healing from all of her surgeries as the majority of people usually do.  She was diagnosed with CRPS.  It is often referred to as the “suicide disease because of its debilitating and excruciating pain that it causes.  Additionally, there are very limited treatment options available as the research on this condition is also limited.  CRPS is a rare condition that usually follows an injury, surgery, heart attack, or stroke.  She has tried multiple treatments without success and she is now looking to the few remaining options that are available.  They include: 

Ketamine Treatments– “Ketamine, an NMDA receptor antagonist, is an anesthetic agent that has been used by some pain specialists for CRPS. There is a growing body of clinical evidence to support the use of ketamine in the treatment of neuropathic pain, especially CRPS.” https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29404715/

The Spero Clinic– This facility is located in Fayetteville, AR and is an inpatient program.  They are globally recognized for aiding CRPS patients by  offering individualized treatment modalities that focus on aiding the body in healing itself.  For more information, you can visit their website at:  https://www.thesperoclinic.com/conditions/complex-regional-pain-syndrome/

Amputation–  There have been some success stories with this option, however, it is typically seen to be a “last resort” solution.  Shiloh has been advised that this could be considered only after all other treatment plans have been unsuccessful.

A Cry For Help…

The above medical options that remain for Shiloh, are not covered by insurance so we are asking for donations no matter how big or small.  Our goal is to lift the financial burden from her shoulders, so that she can focus on remaining positive and trying out new treatment plans.  No donation is too small, please give what feels right in your heart.

Shiloh’s way of life has turned upside down in every way.  She experiences constant pain through out her body, she cannot work, she cannot drive, and she cannot get a restful sleep anymore.  Emotionally, she is suffering as well.  Feelings of depression and isolation are becoming more and more present in her life, as she has zero relief.    

I know that Shiloh’s relationships have always been her top priority in her life.  Her experiences have shown her how many people love her right back!  She is forever grateful for all of the support that you as family and friends have given freely.  Thank you, more than words can say.


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