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Shane (47), Becky (45), Jorja (15) and Liam (11)

On Behalf of the Jones and Blythe families, we want to thank you for taking the time to read “Wilton” Shane Jones’ story.  Their family has been received the most challenging news of their lives, this past Father’s Day Weekend.  Shane (47) has been living with Metastatic Stage IV Colorectal Cancer, for which they say there is no earthly cure.  This cancer is extremely advanced and has largely been asymptomatic until the recent weeks. To put this situation directly, the doctors have prepared Shane and Becky for the worst. While this is one of the toughest storms they have ever faced, The Jones have strong faith in the healing hands of Jesus Christ and are believing for a miracle on this side of Heaven.

Not only has this diagnosis turned The Jones family’s entire world upside down, but the anticipated medical expenses will likely create an enormous amount of financial stress on the family. In addition to treatment, there are other costs that will add to the already mounting stack of medical bills, such as food, lodging, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, transportation, legal expenses, medical equipment/supplies, nutritional supplements, genetic testing and so much more.

Shane’s wife Becky (45) has now been thrust into the unimaginable as she leads her family through this journey. Becky is a genuine friend to many in the community. She has spent her adult life leading countless women to a deeper connection with Jesus, by hosting bible studies, INSERT HERE

Jorja (15) is active on her High School Drill Team and competitive dance. She is entering her 10th-grade year of school in the fall.  Liam (11) is enjoying playing football and he will be entering middle school in the fall.


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