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I need help to move to a safe house. I am now living in a house that is falling apart. The kitchen is caving in, and the bathroom is falling off the house. The landlord turned a porch into a kitchen and bathroom but did not shore it up, and now everything is falling off the rest of the house; there is no storage space. The stove just blows up, and the fridge freezes everything. The stairs are falling off of the house in the front and the back. I am legally blind and she is taking advantage of this she refuses to fix anything even though I pay the rent every month and the worse thing is I have seeing eye dog who needs to also have a safe place to live also the floors in the living room are starting to cave towards the middle of the room I really just need a little help so I can find a place to move and we keep getting mice because of the neighbors who keep a really nasty place and won’t stop ripping their house apart to add something to it Please Help us   I have tried to save to move but the utitity bills are so high it is impossible and living on retirement is almost impossible to do. I have 40 dollars a month to buy food and to live on I really do not know what to do anymore  I also have a lot of medical bills to pay I have a very bad heart that I need to have medication for that requires co-pays that are high sometimes housing is really important it is so cold in this house that it doesn’t help with the heart condition please if you can spare a dollar to help it would be very appreciated and helpful


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