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I am really in dire need of financial help to pay my brother’s medical bills. It is just the two of us and since he has this chronic respiratory disease called emphysema in a critical condition he can not do any physical work, or anything that requires a lot of effort, so it all befalls upon me. He is only fifteen years old and since I am the older sister I am trying my best to provide for the both of us. I have interrupted my studies and dropped out of school to cut our expences short and I am trying really hard to keep up and not miss any of his treatments as they are absolutely necessary for his life, but even that has proven to be useless since my wages do not pay enough for our food and rent and much less all of his medical bills and meds. The meds are utterly necessary for his day to day life and, god forbid, in case his condition worstens even more, he might end up needing a lung transplant and I do not know how I will ever be able to aford something of the sort. I am starting to get a little desperate because I have absolutely no assistance from anywhere or from anyone or what so ever, and I have two jobs so my brother spends a lot of time alone at home and since I have not been able to buy him new breathing machines lately, I am afraid the worst could happen while I am gone. For all these reasons, I hope from the bottom of my heart that everyone who can help will be so kind to do so even with the smallest amount as it is already a great help.


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