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My name is Franklin and if you’re here reading this I would like to say Thank you for taking the time to consider helping. I’m asking for help from all of my brothers and sisters in Christ to accomplish a vision The Lord has put in my heart.


Mission Trip

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Financial Goal:
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$308/ mo. – Living expenses: Food, toiletries, traveling costs.
This is a bare minimum budget for traveling. $200 a month goes towards food and toiletries which is roughly $5 a day. Every 60 days it costs about $80-$100 to travel out of the country which allows me to keep my visa.$280 if I take a ferry or plane to South Korea. Any additional funds are used towards supplies for living in the wilderness with occasional hotel stays, bus trips, and train rides.
I am limited in China with wilderness living because of local laws and restrictions. Essentially every piece of land is accounted for which means there are not a lot of places for me to set up a permanent camp for those really cold nights. Camp fires are not allowed for basic wilderness survival. Ideally I would ask a budget of $2000 a month to provide shelter for both myself and other missionaries alike.
$3,700 buys me a year, and $37,000 buys me 10 which is the extent of my visa. A $2000 monthly budget would equal $240,000 for 10 years.
My prayer is to see a 500 acre farm in America with the purpose of serving God as a revolving door to all Christ followers who wish to walk closer with Him.

Mission Details:

Because of the nature of the trip I have to be vague about specifics. China has not allowed Christianity in the past, it is still illegal to teach about Yeshua (Jesus) in most cases. Most people have never seen a Bible. Despite the repression there are now millions of Christians in China. Praise God! North Korean refugees go through excruciating efforts to gain citizenship through South Korea. It’s my prayer to see N. Korean refugees have an agricultural farm in America to heal, grow and adapt. Missionaries that help the refugees escape are far and few. They lack the resources they need and are mostly secluded inside a non believing society. Refugees are having to pay for the trip which puts them in a situation where they are trapped in a sinful life immediately out of a repressed life. Refugees are sold from one form of slavery to the next without time to cope and against their knowledge. I believe The Lord is going to work a miracle in the lives of the refugees and pave a road of freedom for them. My prayer is to see the refugees have a safer way of escape that immediately removes them from the shackles of sin. A path in which they will not have to pay for freedom, can gain citizenship in a country of their choosing, and ultimately have the option of a healing environment under our Father’s loving embrace.
I’m pressing into the Lord to guide me on this trip. I’m backpacking through China with specific intent to study and share gospel to all who are seeking Him. I hope to build relationships with the locals and find others willing to follow Christ. I’ll be training and sharing survival techniques and have a large digital library of books and instructional videos to help communication efforts.
Once there I’m going to be seeking out refugees with prayers the Lord will work through me for His purpose.
My goal is to find a safe path for refugees to gain citizenship, to find others who are willing to serve, and ultimately have an agricultural farm for the refugees to seek the Lord.

WARNING: graphic content

Escaping North Korea:
Yeonmi Park:

Hyonseo Lee:


12 minute Korean History lesson:

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