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My 4 children and I were finally approved for a place after a long agonizing year of having to unexpectedly move from our own apartment and move in with their grandfather (who has been very verbally abusive). The year has been agonizing because he’s continuously said very cruel things about me and my parenting in front of my babies, he gets so upset over normal toddler messes, and it’s just been an emotionally unhealthy environment. BUT FINALLY a glimmer of hope, we got approved for housing. But they won’t cover the security deposit. The landlord is willing to work with me on that and accept bare minimum of $550 of the full $1100, and still allow me to move in when it’s fully finished come Tuesday. Then she’ll work out monthly payments for the remaining amount. I’ve tried the trustee and they won’t help with security deposits, only first month’s rent and I don’t know any other resources.
I am willing to post receipts of paying that to her, as well as other documents that would assist in proving that is what I’m using the money towards.
I know that this is a huge amount of money and I’m not expecting to receive the full amount from those in this group, I’m also open to any resources anyone may be aware of that would assist me with this.
I am requesting the full amount because it would be amazing to be able to pay the security deposit in full, but we will appreciate any help we can get.

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