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My Family is going through a very rough time after we were robbed over 6000. I worked as a packager since 12/07/2022 and was scammed by not getting paid. I’ve never had to do this before but I’m asking for help and once on my feet I’ll pay it forward. I’ve always helped others and hate doing this, but God is with us and we will make it. I took a job that this company advertised as a base income while I get my sales career going. I helped this company out by doing everything I was told and completed my thirty days when they sent me an email that my thirty-day probation period was successfully completed and may want me to permanently come aboard. I’ve been trying to reach this outfit and have had no response and left my Family broke. I’m asking for help at this time I just wish that there were no scams in this world. I took this job on as a base pay so that I could launch my new career as a sales broker which is a commission-based career. My job was to inspect packages and then re-package them and send them off to their proper destinations. I busted tale to get the job done. This outfit sent me 56 packages in this time and my wife, and I read through the contract and knew that this was a thirty-day probation period. after the thirty days was completed, I was told that the first check was a paper check, and it would be mailed out on payday and would arrive in 10 days using USPS. After 7 days and no check I started calling them and It’s like they disappeared I’ve had no-response. after wasting all that time I’m now looking for real work and just need help till I get back on my feet. This money would pay the bills and keeps this Family a-float from my heart to everyone out their thanks and God bless.


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