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My name is Sonya West I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer in 2019. I was devasted because in 2014 I lost my father to Pancreatic Cancer. Even  though I am a believer in God and I hate to seek attention or handouts.  I decided to reach out for support because right now I feel like I don’t have any options. I am currently married to my loving supportive husband and he has been taking care of everything throughout this journey. I currently have Blue cross blue shield as my main insurance they are very hesitate with what they will cover and mainly they want to pick your provider out which is someone who is reasonable with their prices but not as knowledgeable as my provider that I currently have. Which is Dr Stephanie Yap of Northside Hospital  Cancer Unit. I have accumulated a balance with Northside for my Chemo treatments and also my Cat scans and medical needs. I am reaching out for donations to help cover my expenses that I currently owe to all Northside facilities and hopefully help with future expenses with them as well. With these donations you not only helping me with my debt but you are helping me to have one less thing I need to focus on while I continue to fight this ugly disease. If you can not give please if you can pray for me and my family even send a prayer that I am able to continue to receive the services I am currently receiving through the current facility I am attending now. Thank you in advance Sonya West


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