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Hello, my name is Melinda Cooper, I am trying to save my home.  I am doing this to help me way $6000 to pay my back payments on my home loan and help me stay in my home. I am 60 plus years old and have worked hard for at least 30 years. After turning 50 I lost my job and things have been going downhill since then. I never collected any government help. For the last five years I have been working odd jobs trying to stay afloat. Unfortunately, when the pandemic hit most of the good paying jobs went away.  I have fallen behind on my house payment. I do have a job in I am able to start paying now but they want the back money now which I do not have so I am hoping to either raise the money here or if somebody knows of some program that the government has that helps people in my situation, please reach out to me. My situation is that I AM 60 years old I cannot find a good job to keep up with my bills, and I do not qualify for most government help. I’m hoping somebody knows something that will help my situation.

Whatever you can give at this time will be appreciated. 


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