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In 2010 a massive earthquake hit Haiti devastating the country. A group of volunteers from Louisiana went to Haiti as a recovery team on the ground in January 2010. This group soon built lasting relationships with the Haitian people they were serving.

Through this work, they felt God’s leading to build a Children’s Village that focused on caring for an reunification of economic orphans to their families.  In addition to the Children’s Village they do medical clinics, construction projects, water wells & water filters, disaster relief and other service projects in Haitian communities.  After much prayer and support from various groups, they built a beautiful facility located in Croix-Des-Bouquets.  It housed 20 economic orphans (ten boys & ten girls).  This was a new work created through the support of people who traveled to the site to provide assistance through financial gifts and construction work.

Unfortunately, in February of 2022 this amazing property was overrun by violent gangs.  The children and staff were driven out of their home, fleeing for their lives.  They found refuge in a rented facility near Port au Prince.  The gangs proceeded to loot the facility, stealing anything of value.  

This past March 29th, while running errands to pick up food and supplies for the Children’s Village, the Director, Antonio was kidnapped and tortured for over two weeks.  You can hear more about his harrowing experience in this Facebook post by Darrin Badon, one of the founders of this ministry.  https://www.facebook.com/100006484243429/videos/716510143559572/

Antonio was miraculously released by his captors, but not before a ransom was paid.  Not only did family and friends pay the monetary ransom, but the ministry’s truck was also taken.  Port Au Prince has become increasingly dangerous as kidnappings have become a daily occurrence.

Because of the increased dangers in Port au Prince and surrounding areas the children and staff needed to be relocated.  On July 4th, Darrin and a team of Haitian volunteers moved the children to a new rented facility in northern Haiti.  First, please be praying for the ongoing safety of the children and staff. 

Just as importantly, they are trying to find new ways to support this ministry.  With all the gang violence no teams have been able to travel to Haiti in three years.  This has caused great financial hardship for the staff and children.  In addition there were expenses in moving to the north coast of Haiti. 

They first have an immediate need to secure funding to support basic needs through the rest of the year (food, water, clothing, education, etc.).  After that, they need new ongoing support to sustain the purpose of caring for and reunifying economic orphans to their families.  Please consider a special gift to help with the financial needs.  

One hundred percent of your gifts go directly to supporting the needs in Haiti, as there is absolutely no overhead for staff outside of Haiti.  You may connect with this ministry through their website and Facebook.  Louisiana Reach Haiti & LA Reach Haiti.  Thank you for your amazing love and support for these precious children!


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