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Hello! First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit this page we’ve created to surround our mom with love, and share her story with everyone. Kay, is a devoted wife, a beautiful mom of 4, and an amazing Mimi to 12 grandkids! Her strong, dedicated, powerful and nurturing soul has built this beautiful family we call ours, and we’re devastated at the potential loss of her too soon. She has been diagnosed overnight with ~~~~~Stage IV (4) Lung Cancer~~~~~ *with specific type results pending via biopsy on 1/26/2023* Her prognosis given today, 1/25/2023,  is grim, untreatable & terminal, with roughly 2 months of life left. We do not accept this as her fate, and we are swiftly going to obtain 2nd and 3rd opinions from MD ANDERSON CANCER Center in Houston, Texas as well as Brio-Medical Integrative Cancer Treatment Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. If you have ever had the pleasure of you knowing our mom, Kay , then you know she has always been an advocate for health and superior wellness & top notch shape. Her entire life passion has been holistic and natural approach to health and fitness. With alternative health being her everyday being and her lifelong career, her first thought was she maybe had a case of pneumonia. Kay has always been a sharp, quick-witted, and articulate communicator, so naturally, a red flag waved after a day or so of having extreme difficulty finishing her sentences and her thoughts. Admitted to the closest hospital on 1/23/2023, the initial Xray revealed a mass in her brain and lungs. Absolutely blind sighted. We were expecting a pneumonia diagnosis and low O2 levels, not cancer.  Further scans revealed spots in her abdomen and hips as well. Kay deserves a 2nd or 3rd opinion and a fighting chance to beat this cruel disease. We are advocating and fighting for our Mom and Mimi, just like she has always done for each and everyone of us. With her lack of good insurance and being one year shy of medicare coverage, we face the impounding doom of the cost of possible treatment and related unforeseen expenses to beat this. Our goal is to get her approved for either clinical trials with MD ANDERSON or have her be healed at Brio-Medical. Our family is going to need some extra love and financial help; there is no easy way to ask. Every little bit will be greatly appreciated and will help tremendously. Since we are scrambling to navigate these rough waters and time is of the essence, we felt the need to get donation links set up quickly. We love and appreciate any help!! God Bless! And send prayers her way!


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