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Hi my name is Richard I’m 49 years old and addict in recovery I had a parent (my father) who used drugs as I was a young child and eventually started using myself at age 17 I went to detoxs 30 day programs counseling even a methadone clinic for 4 years then suboxone  and so much more you wouldn’t belive me if I sat you down and told you all the places I have been due to this addiction I even went to long term treatment Daytop village for nearly three years but still i gave in to my weak will it has gotten in the way of work family relations and so much more I have struggled with this terrible addiction for so many many years  I have paid untold ammouts of money but it never seems to be enough i really  need help in raising more money to help me seek more professional help and maybe some other directions to take in order to overcome this affliction I am praying that maybe there are people out there who understand exactly what i have been going through for more then half my life but i know there is a way for me to get and stay clean I just need to learn how to hold onto it once I get clean  and please if there  anything you can give and it  will be greatly appreciated and i can assure you itwill not go to waste i thank you for giving anything from your heart and may God bless you and all the struggling addicts that are suffering at this very moment


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