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My Name is Ruth Newell, 71 Years Old Senior.  I have been retired over ten years.  I had to retired early due to a back injury and has been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis.  I am also an Insulin Dependent Diabetic who takes 5-6 injections daily.  I go to the Doctor every three months for follow-up care.  I see an Endocrinologist for the Diabetes, A Cardiologist for cardiac issues, A Nephrologist for kidney problems an Eye Specialist checking for diabetes damage and a Podiatrist to check for circulation in my feet.  I have to pay co-pay each time I see one of these Doctors and deductibles too depending on the procedure.  I have been paying lots of money out monthly for the insulin it was super expensive until this year,  Congress put a cap on the price.  I have spent most of the money I had on insulin and Doctor Visits.  I have some bills I need to pay as soon as possible.  If I could get some help, I would very much appreciate it.


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