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  • My wife has stage 4 cancer and I’m lost. 

I know I’m not special, and nor is she, in the grand scheme of things. But she’s special to me. So I decided to create a GoFundMe to help ensure she lives. Her name is DaNay Jackson. She’s a cancer fighter, God-lover, mother, American citizen and, yet, she’s been robbed of competent healthcare. Until the rules change, I’ll use my fingertips to share her story in order to save her life.

Throughout this entire journey, DaNay has been herself  – funny and still kicking. This Mrs. Jackson is for real! If I tell you a bit about her, you’ll love her just as I do. She grew up in the small town of Alliance, Ohio, and her foundation was God and family. Those two things keep her faith strong and her will even stronger. 

When she was in high school, she was a high fashion model. She was really dynomite! A girl’s girl but she always carried a little tomboy in her. On any given weekend she’d be shopping with her mother or fishing with her father. And those brothers of hers didn’t play the radio when it came to DaNay; so I happily had some big shoes to fill! 

I guess you might be wondering how we met. One night while I was out and about I came across the most beautiful women I had ever seen. We talked the night away and I haven’t left her side ever since. 

Then, boom! Almost out of nowhere, our life came to a sudden stop. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 36. The official name is Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Unfortunately, it is the deadliest and hardest to treat. The love of my life was crushed and felt her future was over. And although we had a tough road ahead of us, she always carried a positive attitude and unwavering faith even though her future would be changed forever. I admire her for that. 

Through faith and prayer, we slowly began to turn night into day. DaNay started treatment, and although not a cure, it was a start to a lifelong journey of care. With the support of our families, associates and an occasional girl’s night out for her, we’ve remained hopeful and encouraged. 

At this point in the journey, we’ve exhausted our personal resources. And for her to stay alive, we need your help to continue treatment. As a community, the relationship between women of color and unreliable healthcare is at the core of our existence. And she’s a prime example of this reality. So this story isn’t new, but it’s a testament to the injustice Black women endure; and my hope is, as a community, I can count on you all for a monetary donation that will change my wife’s life. I can’t express the sentiment of “anything helps” more than I can right now.  With every dollar collected puts my wife one step closer to a treatment facility where she can receive the  integrative care she needs including the cost of  travel expenses, food expense and rooming/boarding.

I’m a stranger to some, but in spirit, I’m no different than your dad, brother or uncle reaching out on behalf of your mother, sister or aunt. Your consideration is monumental to me and my family. Thank you for joining me on this intimate path. Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for giving my wife a chance at life.


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