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Run for Chloe II – Pisa Marathon

On December 9th, 2014, the unimaginable happened to the Rombach family, fundamentally changing their lives forever. Chloe Rombach, the youngest daughter of the family, was on her way to practice yoga in Northampton, Massachusetts, were she had just become a certified instructor two weeks before. When she stepped into the street, she was struck by a car and dragged 150 feet, where she lay trapped beneath the vehicle for nearly 20 minutes, most of that time unable to breathe. After a team of firefighters rescued Chloe from beneath the car, she was rushed to Bay State Emergency Center in Springfield, MA, where it became apparent she suffered terrible burns and severe brain damage. There she underwent emergency multiple complex brain surgeries to alleviate the swelling in her brain. Three days later she was transported by helicopter to Mass General ICU Trauma center in Boston. In April she underwent her second craniectomy to replace the two skull pieces that were removed after the accident. Chloe is now at Tewksbury Hospital, but has yet to gain consciousness. But she is in good, good, loving hands. She receives ongoing medical support, aroma therapy to stimulate her senses, range of motion exercises and most importantly, unlimited love from her family, who have sat by her side every day since the accident. Next to the trauma of nearly losing their sweet Chloe, the Rombachs face monstrous expenses. These come from ongoing medical expenses to the cost of overhauling their house so that it’s friendly for Chloe early 2016, when they plan to have renovations complete. On one hand, Run for Chloe is a fundraiser to help alleviate the costs of this unthinkable tragedy; on the other, it’s also about fostering and growing the community of support for the Rombach family. It’s about celebrating Chloe, a musical, creative and immensely talented woman, and honoring her past and future. Healing is absolutely a process – a process made lighter together. So that’s what we’re going to do – band together, raise money, spread positivity and run a marathon*! Even if you don’t have much to give, you can still show your support – the Rombachs write in a journal EVERY DAY about Chloe’s progress. This is my #1 recommendation for reading – the Rombachs are the ideal example of uncompromising love. TO THEIR BEAUTIFUL JOURNAL (Please note – donations made through on the journal website do not go to the Rombach family. Please make your donations here, as they will go directly to Chloe’s recovery fund) To an independent life! Please feel free to share, share, share. *Note: physically, the marathon is on my plate; but mentally we’re in that bad boy together. Marathon details: I will be running the Pisa Marathon in Pisa, Italy on December 19, 2017 (who am I kidding, we’re running it together).
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