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I am asking for thoughts and prayers for my parents. Robert “Bob” & Kathy Stoltzfus, if you feel lead to donate a financial contribution as well; it will be a blessing to them.
My Parents have been residents of Rankin County, since 1997 and started working as farmers in 2007. (BOBKAT FARMS) This had been their dream to work the land and help others with farm fresh produce. It is just the two of them, and we all know farming is a hard humble life. The last few years have been really hard on them.
They took a hit during Covid as everyone did. Since then, they have had major hurdles to overcome. With farming conditions less than favorable and loss of income due to health issues.
My mother, Kathy Stoltzfus, ended up breast cancer. She had multiple treatments, doctor appointments and are still in the follow up stages. Unfortunately, this took a toll on them being able to keep up with their farming, which is their source of income.
Trying to recover from that, they took another hard hit. Robert “Bob” has been diagnosed with stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma. The prognosis is not what we had hoped. As there is no cure and it has spread multiple places throughout his body. He has not taken to well to treatment and has been in and out of the hospital. This again has had to stop their income source, and neither are able to work. My mom is having to take care of him, and herself. With the help of some family, we are trying to help combat their place and keep up with what we can.
The toll of all of this has mentally and physically drained my parents. Not to mention depleted any reserves saved up. We are asking for any help, that could make this transition in fighting this fight a little smoother for them. Any relief of this financial burden over them would ease some of their pain during this difficult time and help keep them on their property.
Thank you for taking time to read this, your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. Please know this is not something they would ever like to ask for. We know everyone has their own battles they are fighting; and times are just hard. Which makes any financial contributions touch their souls a little warmer.

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