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Recently I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream in becoming a successful musician and writer.

The day I got here I parked my car at a CVS parking lot closest to my friends apartment that I was fortunate enough to be staying at for a little bit. It was my first night in L.A and I didn’t have the chance to bring all of my belongings in.. It got broken into THAT night while my friend and I were away. My MacBookPro, a nice traveling backpack full of valuables and personal items, my acoustic guitar, and even my clothes got stolen and my car got trashed. So this campaign is to try and replace the things that were missing and help me get on my feet. I’m in L.A without money and no means to make music until I get new gear. Its a little scary. This would be incredibly helpful. Any donations. I hate asking for help once again since there are a lot of people that have been supportive and helpful already but I am barefoot but still hungry to make things happen.. God bless and thank you! Oh and then 2 days later my car got towed…. sick.
If you don’t know me personally or just curious to know more of the story. Please take the time to read this. I decided to write about my trip to Los Angeles with some pictures I took a long the way. Enjoy and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help!

On the morning of October 27th I opened my eyes and felt no purpose to stay in my home town anymore. I felt abandoned , unwanted, betrayed, homeless, broke, jobless and alone. Not a good way to start the morning… Something clicked in me and with out saying a word to anyone I filled up my gas tank with the little bit of money I had left and I just started driving. Truman finally escaped while no one was watching. I knew exactly where I was going without the slightest clue of whats about to happen.

Stupid you might say… no money, a tire that is about to explode and constantly in need of air, no insurance, an engine light on, a misfire, some clothes, a guitar, my music and 2,542 miles of road ahead of me. The only thing I had on my mind is the image of change, a fresh start, a new beginning and an adventure. Sure.. I might be stranded, or lost or even arrested but for some reason I was sick of keeping it “safe”.

Just 300 miles in I already started to feel a difference. I was running far from a heavily grounded and negative energy. It was refreshing to see the sun peeking out after a whole week of cold and gloomy weather in Illinois.

The first two days of driving felt like a movie montage. I loved seeing the land and scenery change as the numbers on my odometer kept going up. Each state had its own unique feel to it, as though each state had its own personality. The view of the stars in the center of Oklahoma was incredible, clear, distant and calm.. one actually fell and exploded in bright green light which completely startled and amazed me. It could of been a meteor or UFO or a small hint from god. It was there to wake me up while I was slowly dozing off on the road.

In New Mexico I picked up a Hitchhiker named Thomas. An old man, white beard, a straw hat and a huge backpack. I passed him by at first. I could not get a good look at him but I was able to catch his thumb pointing into the direction I was heading. I had to turn around… I myself have always wanted to take some time of my life to hitch hike. It would be wrong for me not to help him out. We drove for two hours. He knew the road better then my GPS. It was hard to understand his thick southern accent mixed with names of places, roads and highways that I have never heard of before. His favorite dish while he cant catch a ride… armadillo cooked over a fire and the shell as his plate.

I promised a friend of mine, Nick from my home town that if I ever move to California I will stop to visit him at Arizona State. So I did. I was supposed to stay for only one night but stayed for four! I met many great people and they were determined to make my stay welcomed and exciting. I explored Tuscan and even went to my first college football game. I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to College, they gave me an opportunity to feel like I was a college kid. We drove up the highest mountain. My ears are still hurting from the constant elevation changes. Something about sitting on a cliff and the perfect sunset at 8,000 feet really gets you to think. I cleared my mind and wished the ones I left behind could enjoy this moment with me. Imagining them there made the moment more real and meaningful. I miss you guys.

Thanks to my friend Jackson Beard and Ken West I had enough gas in the tank to make it to California. After getting stopped 3 times by the police and check points and having so many heart attacks somehow I just kept getting lucky. NO TICKETS!

The feeling of the unknown is a cluster of emotions that is most difficult to describe. I have driven through California before.. I was making the move from Ukraine to Chicago and so happened that Los Angeles was one of the stops. I was 11 years old and ever since I got a glimpse of the Hollywood sign I’ve been dreaming of going back. I finally did it! It’s like I was an astronaut preparing to land on the moon for years except my space ship is about to fall apart. My space suit got a hole in it and hood aliens stole everything important from my little space ship. Damn..

The night I arrived here I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was excited and happy and I could only let myself think positive. I knew something good is going to happen. I knew I was going to meet someone important, someone that will see the potential I have hidden within me just waiting to burst and show the world the artist that I am. I felt like I have no choice either become a success, be discovered or die.

Surprisingly I got the taste of what life could be like the first night I was here. A small preview of what this will be like. Like those movies that will begin exposing the end of the story in the first few beginning scenes and then zoom you back to the beginning. The life I dreamt of. Except it wasn’t my life just yet. It was the life of two brothers from Australia who are famous in their field and rented out a beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills for two weeks. “A creative space” they called it. They threw a party inviting their musician friends from the area to hang out and network. My friend Lindsey was invited and she brought me along. The first night in California… after driving 10 hours from Arizona I end up in Hollywood hills. In a beautiful home over looking the valley with successful musicians and talented people I look up to, big names and A&Rs. What is happening???
I was on top of the world. It felt right even when I didn’t have much. The first few hours I was there I felt like I was connecting with my type of people.

We came back to Linsdsey’s early morning and fell asleep exhausted and almost overwhelmed. The couch was a good night sleep compared to sleeping in my car on the road.

Waking up I was excited to start settling in. I walked over to my car to grab the rest of my stuff when I noticed it was open and everything in it has been tampered with.. My heart sank.. I didn’t know what to think, I collapsed down in the parking lot as cars had to swerve around me. Laying there thinking… now what?!

I ended up driving to Topanga Beach, Malibu spending 4 days on the beach with no food, no cigarettes, no money and no sun screen. The sunscreen I’m most upset about…. I wanted to clear my mind and meditate. Clear my body and learn to simply observe. I’ve seen so much in other people. It’s interesting what you can learn if you can just be still, be in the present moment. I found a new appreciation for my friends, my family and girlfriend that I hope to see again in the next few months as she is making the move as well. I always thought I needed pills or therapists to help me with depression and constant confusion. All I needed was myself. It is the first time I have seen the ocean in 14 years. I’m happy to say I am no longer a smoker. And I am confident that I’m here for a reason and I am not giving up until I become a better version of my self.

I am safe and staying with a friend. I wont be able to stay for too long tho so my time is running out. Im currently meeting people and searching for a job out here.  
Thank you for reading. Thank you for your help and I wont let you down. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

Much Love,


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