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Rene has recently developed generalized weakness throughout his body and cannot walk, dress himself, go to the bathroom himself or do even roll over in bed. Sometimes it improves later in the day a little. Docs are unsure what he has but are running tests to see. Insurance doesn’t cover the kind of medical equipment that would help him most. Rene is very intelligent. He is a straight A student in school but can’t go because he doesn’t have a way to get around. We are going to try to work this out with the school. Please help any way you can. We can also use lots of prayers. We would mostly rather have a miracle!!!! Rene was an active boy before this! He played with his dog and was a second degree blue belt in Mudokwon Taekwondo.

Please share this campaign with your friends and family and if it’s on your heart please donate so that Rene ¬†will be able to have the privilege to have a wheelchair! After they have share please ask them to share with their contacts as well!

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