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Beloved Friends, Family and Contributors –

When I was 19 I enjoyed my daily bicycle commute to downtown Chicago, even through the winter and snow.

Unfortunately as a bicycle commuter that biked 10 miles a day every day of the year I eventually had several devastating accidents.  The first one was in 2001 in which I was struck by a large pickup truck. This accident took me two months to be able to walk normally again and six months until I was able to get a job with regular hours, I was initially hospitalized and although I did not break any bones I had many deep contusions that I can still feel to this day. Sadly I had no assistance from friends or family and did not know how to navigate the subsequent lawsuit between myself and the driver and was not awarded any compensation. This incident also ruined my credit from the hospital bills.

The second accident was in 2003 when a motorist opened their door into the bike lane, and my head and body went full speed into the car door. After this incident I was unable to walk or leave my apartment for a month and started to suffer from headaches, and although I had a helmet on, my head had gone first into the motorist’s door. During this time as well I was unable to be awarded any compensation.

The third major accident was in 2004 when I was struck by a motorist on NYE in a bicycle lane. In this incident I was wearing a helmet as well however as I was sent head first over the handlebars, it created a bulging disc in my C7 vertebrate and lasting head pain and injury. Again it took me about a month before I could get out of bed or walk again.  In this case I similarly did not appropriately navigate the driver’s insurance to be properly compensated out of my ignorance to the system.

At the time I thought I would eventually fully recover naturally but all the places I was injured have only grown in pain over time.

I have regular head pain, memory loss and brain damage/Traumatic Brain Injury. 

 Before these injuries I had a photographic memory n.

I have to constantly adjust my neck and every bone in my body cracks dozens of times a day and my knees crack and ache when I walk up a flight of stairs which is becoming increasingly difficult.

Everything changed in my hope for a positive outcome when I recently  I learned about hyperbaric oxygen and found out that hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats all the conditions caused by these accidents very effectively.

I am asking for your help today to fund a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, oxygen equipment and accessories.

I know that with help and through this incredible recovery method I can continue to access my full human potential and also benefit others through the miracle of oxygen therapy.

Thank you deeply for your consideration in contributing to this campaign, you, your friends and family have my deepest gratitude for your care and thoughtfulness..

With deepest gratitude


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