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On December 26th, at around 5.00pm, my life was turned upside down, when my home was consumed by an electrical fire. I know right, great way to begin a new year. I was lucky enough to have escaped unscathed, but at the cost of many things, and assets. I have been working and selling many things I have left just to put back into a new home, but at a big cost, due to debt, and several other damages, including a camper that burnt, a tool shed, a car, and many other important assets. Every day that passes, I fall closer and closer into a financial crisis, and I need your help. For the time being I have moved into a house with a friend, so I can slowly rebuild what I have lost and get my life back on track. But I have come to notice, it’s going to take a lot more than daily work to fix what damage has been caused, I have never been one to ask anyone for anything, because I have spent most of my life giving to others, but I have become desperate, and need help, absolutely everything helps. What I earn here, can help give me a foundation, to start again, and pull me out of debt, so I can begin to rebuild a new life, one step at a time. I thank all of you for your help, from the bottom of my heart, and I hope everyone has a safe year. Tj


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