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My name is Sara Boorman. About a year ago, my daughter, Rebecca Miller, discovered she had thyroid cancer. Doctors were able to operate, and everything was going well. Recently, Rebecca discovered she now has cervical cancer! Doctors will perform another surgery on May 8 to hopefully remove all of the cancer again. Rebecca will be off work for 6-10 weeks, and while she has good insurance, there are going to be a lot of expenses that are not covered.

Rebecca is married to Stephen Miller and lives in New Virginia, Iowa. They have three beautiful daughters-Charlotte, Lauren, and Abigail, and a very cute little boy Connor. They range in age from 2-9. Rebecca has been a very active mom as the kids are involved in softball, dance, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, and all of the other school events. She and Steve take the kids on adventures around the state so they can experience life.

Rebecca and Steve had just started a small farm operation in the last two years, raising chickens, sheep, and goats. Much of this is falling on Steve right now since Becca is worn out from the cancer.

Lots of family and friends will be helping with the kids and meals over the next several weeks. If you could help with a donation to ease the money strain, we would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

Becca’s Mom Sara


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