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Teri & Budweiser salute the troops

Terrie Cannon, aka Teri Hart to many, from her days of performing as a Texas Singer-Songwriter across the country – now residing in her native West Texas home, was recently diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer and underwent major surgery in October 2022 to combat the dreaded disease.  She will have ongoing treatment needs over the next five years, including medications, doctor visits, diagnostics, blood work, etc.  Taking one day at a time, she is happy to be alive and hopes to share in the treasured memories of her children, grandchildren, other family, and friends for many years to come!  The diagnosis, as it does for most, came as a total shock and dealt an enormous blow to Terrie physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  The ongoing follow-up appointments continued medications, lab work, diagnostics, etc, will continue to bring financial hardships in the future to minimize any disease recurrences.  The day-to-day expenses will not stop and will be much harder to handle when coupled with the costs associated with the disease.  When the time comes that Terrie is back on her feet, she hopes to pay it forward and host musical events to help others facing similar adversities in their lives.  Any contribution will be deemed a tremendous blessing and will not be forgotten by Terrie, and for each and everyone who finds it in his/her heart to help, prayers are that you are blessed ten-fold!  Thanks to everyone who reads this story


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