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Hello, I have stage 4 liver disease and I will be needing a transplant. I have some time before my liver gets bad so there are things I need to try to do before this happens. First I need to get my heart and kidney fixed as well as lose weight. I have to travel to Omaha Nebraska to the Nebraska Medicine Transplant Center get my work done as anything they do can affect my liver. I have Afib which has been repaired once but has had some reoccurring problems. They have also found a mass in my kidney that they are testing to see if it is cancerous. I have been working on losing weight. I have already lost 54lbs and was set to get a gastric sleeve surgery done but was canceled at the last moment because it was discovered that I had porthole Hypertension so this is why I have now been to do everything at Nebraska Med . The cost of transportation, hotels, and food are all out of pocket. I also have a few medications that are not covered by insurance. As the liver disease has made it hard to think because of the build up of ammonia in my bloodstream, I rely on my daughter’s help. We both are on disability and our monthly checks just barely cover our everyday living expenses. This has been very hard but with the faith of God, we have been getting by. I would be so great full for your help. I do realize that times are tough, but anything you can give would be helpful. Thank you


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