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Hi, my name Allison Pattion. I am fundraising with my Sister to help me expand my life back into mobility. I was near death due to 95% CO2 levels found, which left me bedridden after the hospital. I am fighting to raise funds to pay for the medical treatment I need to help regain my ability to walk. Unfortunately, due to insurance caps on funding, I must now pay out-of-pocket the costs of home therapy PT and OT visits to receive personalized care toward mobility and healing from obesity. I am homebound. With your help, I will successfully obtain the equipment, supplies, and home health therapist needed to receive medical support out-of-pocket expenses. Normally I have two visits per therapist a week, totaling $1000. I need supportive donations. I truly appreciate your kindness in our efforts to help our sister live an abundant life together for many years.  I also have some necessary needs for personal use due to being bed bound.  All monies will be utilized to support medical needs, making the process less overwhelming.  My goal is to get back on my feet and actively work again.  I planned to seek weight loss surgery help and receive the procedure.  As effective as I was as an educator, I want to be that with my own self-care, self-love, and self-worth.  It’s coming, but it’s going to come with my active dedication and support financially from others lessens my anxiety too.  Thanks for any kind gestures, and all amounts counts!


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