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My wife has Scalera Derma, a disease. with no cure. The doctors have given her a life expectancy of five years. We have been married for 42 years and it does not feel good to have to leave her home when I go somewhere because we are afraid, she will run out of oxygen before we can get back. she requires to be on oxygen around the clock and has to be careful to be back home before her oxygen bottle runs out.

This disease dries out your body tissue. It has taken a toll mostly on her lung tissues so they don’t absorb oxygen the way they should. This has left her very short of breath and at times she gets very scared that she cannot catch her breath.¬† Some other attributes of this terrible disease are her fingers are bent from the bones being dried out I believe, and her fingertips are swollen most of the time, her fingers and hands get cold to the point of turning blue even when in the house with the temp set for 70 degrees.

She would like to get a portable concentrator so she can stay away from the house for longer periods of time.

We unfortunately live on social security only, which leaves little for medical expenses like this as her medicines are very expensive. I am currently trying to just keep a roof over her head as I need to pay $4000.00 dollars in taxes by the end of march or they will foreclose on it. If this can get to $7000 it would be a real relief off both of us and she can enjoy any remaining day she may have left.

Bless you for any assistance for these two expenses would be appreciated. I pray they one day find a cure for this terrible disease. Until they do Bless all who can help,


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