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Update 6/30/2024
From Grace
I Had to wait a week to continue my chemo, because I was having low white blood cell count. When I went in to have my 5th round, it was delayed a for about two hours, because my count was still low. They had to coordinate with the insurance and pharmacist to make sure I could get approved for the blood cell growth factor that should help my bone marrow produce more WBC. I did get my chemotherapy done, and am feeling pretty sore and fatigued. But at least I got it!
Unfortunately, now I need to travel to Tacoma every day this week to get the injections. Hopefully next round they will be able to give me the meds to do at home, since it can only be done at St Joseph’s in Tacoma. Gas will be a big thing this week and any help is much appreciated.
Update 4/5/2024
From Grace
“If anyone wanted to know what is going on with me. Here you go.
Little update on how im doing with this crazy life of mine.
I have squamous cell carcinoma of an unknown origin. Stage 3
Every oncologist I’ve spoken too has said my case is extremely unusual and rare that the cancer is presenting in the way it has. So it’s all kind of unknown right now. Super cool that I have to be an unusual case. It’s in my pelvic area, not in any of my organs, but has metastasized to multiple lymph nodes.
My blood clot that was caused by the fiberous tumor seems to be dissolving well, as my leg and thigh swelling has decreased significantly.
The pain I was feeling in the beginning( extremely debilitating) has also decreased significantly since my first round of chemo. So thats awesome! Now I still get back pain and the painful bloating is still happening, but that’s manageable.
Chemo kick my butt about 5 days after infusion. It was a solid week of feeling like garbage, then feeling ok-ish. I think I have the nausea under control now. Next infusionon is next week, then I get to start the process all over. 6 months, with 1x every 3 weeks scheduled so far, then we go from there. Yay!😝
My hair is not holding up as well as I hoped it would. 😅
ugh now to decide to cut it, because it’s so long right now it’s kinda traumatic to see the amount of coming out. But, im ok, everything is ok.
In my head I keep hearing over and over- “everything is ok, everything is quite alright…”Then…”Annie, are you ok, are you ok annie…”
Update 3/27/2024
Please pray.
She may have to pay for the Keytruda herself if she cannot convince her insurance to pay for it.
“So I just had my consultation with Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle. They went over everything and agree with my Drs plan of action, but are going to push back appeal for the other drug Keytruda. He said my cancer is pretty widespread. Most of my cancer is in my lymph nodes, but it’s quite unusual and extremely uncommon for where it originated from. So it’s going to be harder for the chemo meds to eradicate it. He says there’s still evidence that the immuneotherpy/Keytruda med will help in my case, because of newer evidence on other kinds of cancers. What he suggested is some other tests on the tumor to see if there’s other drugs in trial that may be able to help treat it when my current treatment stops working as well. So there’s a couple tests he recommends to try and get the drugs that may help along the road. “
Update 3/22/2024
“Today was a good day. Today was a day I really needed.
I finally got in to start my chemo treatments, and my pain was very mild all day today.
I felt semi normal without the insane pain I’m usually in.
It’s been a real rough couple of months, and I know it’s going to be a long road of ups and downs.
I know I can do it, with all the fantastic support I have in my family and friends, we will get through this.
I am so Thankful for everyone. Thank you!”

Update: 3/21/2024

“My nurse just now called and said they are waiting for that test results to come back before they use the Keytruda. So while they wait she said they are going to take that drug off for now and just start with the rest that’s approved. She said they’re working to get me started before Monday and just wait on the Keytruda until it goes through.”
Even if the insurance pays, Grace still needs financial help with child care, transportation, any medical expenses that aren’t paid for, and we’re still waiting to see if they approve the Keytruda. If not she may need to pay for that. Also any other living expenses will take the stress and worry away from this family. Your donations will be put to good use. The funds will also help James to take time off to stay with her when she needs him.

This is Grace’s grandmother appealing for Grace’s survival.

Grace has squamous cell carcinoma. The doctors can’t do surgery because it’s wrapped around her veins and arteries, which is what recently caused the blood clot. She is in great pain. We are looking at chemo/Immuno-therapy to start with, however state insurance has refused to pay for treatment. We are appealing this decision but until we hear back, she is in continual pain and in danger of another blood clot.  The doctor pushed her case to ‘expedient’ because of the stage of cancer, so treatment should be done immediately.

Grace is a lover of all things natural, is a gardener, and a dedicated mom. She and her husband just recently signed to purchase the property they are living on and have hopes and dreams of building a new home for their little girl, and to enjoy. We’re hoping and praying that she can see those dreams come true.

After chemo, she might also need radiotherapy. She’ll be going to St Anthony’s infusion clinic in Gig Harbor for treatments.

Grace is 36 years old and has a 9 year old daughter who is having a tough time with this, as is the rest of the family.


“I have had multiple abnormal cells over the years since I was a teenager. Finally after the fourth tiime I decided to get a hysterectomy to hopefully prevent the cells from progressing to cancer. I had a hysterectomy in 2021, but only took my uterus and cervix. The gyno dr stated that there were no more abnormal cells after the surgery. I was told I still needed to get in to have it checked every year. While I forgot to do anything the first year after I made an appointment to get it done two years after and was told by my primary care provider that I wasn’t due for a check yet. So I stupidly put it on the back burner and never had another appointment. Fast forward to December 2023 I started feeling very fatigued, bloated, having sharp pains in my pelvic area, my left thigh was swelling and left leg was becoming very stiff and not working properly. Went in and did a whole bunch of tests. I was only diagnosed with a bacterial infection in my stomach. The dr looked my leg slightly and ordered some Ultrasounds. It took 3 weeks of back and forth from my drs office and the imaging center about where they needed to get images from. Then finally after those three weeks of waiting I got an appointment a week later. That’s when they found everything and told me I needed to rush to the emergency room. I was admitted for 5 days.”


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