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A little back story. I was diagnosed with triple negative ductal carcinoma breast cancer this past June 2023. It’s the kind that attacks the lymph nodes, and because of that I am being treated very aggressively with chemotherapy to stop the cancer from reaching my lymph nodes or possibly spreading throughout the rest of my body, which makes my treatments quite aggressive, which leads leads to me being not well quite often, which leads to my husband missing lots of work to either care for me or constantly take me into the clinic for care due the side affects my body have to the aggressive treatments. My husband’s job has now gone on a partial lay-off which means he’s now working even less hours than before. It is now coming upon time for me to have surgery this coming February or March to remove any cancer that chemo didn’t kill and severel lymph nodes.  Times are already really hard for us as we are already barely making it paycheck to paycheck with him missing so much work due to my illness and me not working at all. Now we have to figure out how we’re going to pay for this surgery. I have been reaching out to every agency I can find online all to no avail. They all are responding back that they are out of funds, which is why we’re reach out to you all for help. No amount will be to small. Prayers are always welcomed. Thank you all in advance


Larry & Jackie Brown


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