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My son Jerwin was born premature and has had a host of medical issues his entire life and is constantly in and out of the doctors office and the hospital. He has issues with his heart and circulation. My son lives in the Philippines and while the medical side of things is cheaper there than here the bills are taking a toll on me.
I am a 100% disabled veteran that is just barely making ends meet between my sons medical bills, his education and my own bills I am struggling to keep my head above water.
It is a struggle to make sure that he has all of his medications and it is tearing me up inside. Right or wrong his mother never allowed me to register him in my name at the US Embassy so I was not able to get him listed as a dependent on my retirement. She was worried that I could wind up taking him to the US and that she would never see him again as it had happened to her sister that way with a man from England. I wish she had allowed me to register him as it would give him access to dependent benefits including tricare medical insurance. As it stands I am doing my best as a father and coming up slightly short.
I love my son and I would do anything for him and so I am reaching out for help to cover some of these bills. I have done my best over the years to manage these bills on my own. Selling off my things and properties and it still comes up short. I am asking for help. This difficult for me to do this. I just really hope and pray that people will be a blessing for my son. I thank all of you that read this and or help my son out.

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