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Hi, my name is Kevin, I am 50 Years old and was diagnosed with Colon Cancer about 2 weeks ago. My sister had the same thing about two years ago and asked me to get checked because she said it was hereditary . I did not take her seriously until I started experiencing anemia. I had A colonoscopy done and sure enough the biopsy came back positive with a 4cm mass in my lower colon.  I am finding it difficult to work full time so money is tight for treatment. I am an amateur outdoor photographer (see link) and spend alot of time photographing the appalachian mountains here in North Georgia. My dream is to be able to do this full time but this has been put on hold due to my diagnosis and the fact that I get so tired after just a while of trying to hike. I do still work but have to take alot of time off as you could imagine so the main worries I have is paying for the doctors and treatment bills. I was scared when they wanted to do an Xray to check for spreading and told me it would be 9k! Thankfully they let me pay a fraction and have billed me the rest. It is not know right now if I will need future treatment but as I said I am trying to be optimistic and keep my spirits up.  Anything you can give would be a blessing. Thank You so much and God Bless, Kevin


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