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Hello Dear Friends, my name is Deb.

I have created this campaign in our need to seek your support for my amazing husband Kevin.  We have 6 adult children and 10 grandchildren so far.  We love to take them camping and fishing locally.

My husband has already suffered through throat cancer for the past year receiving already rounds of chemotherapy and radiation for 8 weeks this summer.  Recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, he will begin radiation treatments within the next few weeks for 8 weeks.  In addition, Kevin was diagnosed with Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) which entails 2 years of daily treatment.  MAC is a pathologic nontuberculous mycobacteria causing lung disease located on his right lung in which to treat requires 3 antibiotics and a special Lamira Nebulizer System daily.  Also, my dear husband is in stage 4 for Emphysema and will be a lifelong condition. 

Kevin had to retire early and lost his insurance coverage and not eligible for Medicare yet.  You can imagine the debt we are in with the chemotherapy, radiation, the MAC diagnosis as well as the treatments for emphysema, not to mention the numerous ambulance calls, inpatient hospital visits and specialty physicians’ visits. 

I am humbly requesting your financial support to assist Kevin in receiving his treatments and medical bills so far.  Kevin has always been a hard-working, kind father, amazing husband and grandpa, and these treatments could potentially save his life.  We would be so grateful for your donation.  It’s never easy to ask for help, but I’m reaching out to you for your help please.  Bless you.


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