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We have a plan to keep our home if we pay the back fees on the home. Asking for support we we can then do the rest on our own!

It seems trivial to have a life where things are going good until they aren’t. The sadness is unbearable and sleepless nights are filled with fear that we will soon be homeless. I don’t understand why we can’t fix this and everything is compounding too fast. My husband and I try not to break down and show faith in being strong to show we can get past this despite anger and frustration from his pain. My husband has a herniated disc that is causing pain that won’t dissipate with any multi-injection, medication, or manipulation and we don’t know what’s wrong to fix it so I am the sole income provider. I am not working in a classroom or school with children with disabilities or providing behavioral or emotional support to parents working through the toughest times with their children. My calling is working online at home helping my family. There is only one of me to spread in so many directions to keep us healthy and moving forward not even spending more than 30 minutes with my family a day unless a special occasion or doctor trip.

I wish I could be cloned to spend less than 90% of my day looking for help instead of making the income we need to survive but unfortunately so many lawyers offer limited choices and costly increases. The mortgage lender sends constant lawyer letters, calls, and unknown people scout around the house with cameras. The police served us the initial foreclosure and then months later gave us the 1/12/24 Sheriff Sale notice and those were the most heartbreaking days in my life next to watching our daughter have seizures. Now we have people at our door each day wanting to sell their services to buy our home. Each month we get further behind in mortgage payments and all I want to do is know our home is secure and we won’t be homeless with a reduced or forgiven pay plan or even an extended one so I can concentrate on making the income we need to move ahead. This is what we want. This is what we can do for ourselves.

I stay positive for our daughter to do her best in virtual school and for her to stay strong. I push to tutor students and perform many other online jobs and get my family to medical appointments. If my husband wouldn’t have left his job during Covid so he wouldn’t get us sick and my daughter and I had stronger immune systems, and if he didn’t have an explosive temper and concrete way of thinking while trying to ignore severe back pain he worked through, we would not be facing homelessness. Everything snowballed after that day he came home and told me and my attempts at trying to save us still failing despite forced optimism despite it depleting our savings. I think back to when we finally got a chance for redemption and then I got bronchitis/Covid for a month being the only one out running errands for us and Shellpoint ended that contract without accepting the one week late payment.

I am asking your support to understand where we came from, where we are, and where we want to be, with your help. We want our home and it seems unforgiving to be a Christmas wish but it is ours and to keep us together safe as a family. I haven’t put the tree up thinking it will be our last… together. It is deeply sad to think they will have a home with his parents and I will not and the sole reason I can’t lose this battle up until the 1/12/24 sale date. We will keep fighting for our home.

If you provide financial support we will share details and proof your support is going where it should. As a very personal thank you to each supporter, my daughter and I will also mail you a beautiful thank you tribute stone to show our love and gratitude for your care to keep us home-ful. I didn’t know what to set our donation as so please forgive if it too high or low. We are grateful for any help. God Bless

Thank you.
Paula Miedema


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