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Hello, My name is Tim, aka Thinman.  I found out December 8th that I have Stage 4 Non Small Cell Lung Cancer. I worked 35 years as a Regional Sales Manager for different manufacturing companies in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. I left that job and worked as a truck driver for a large manufacturer and that is where I noticed that my duties were getting harder and harder to do including driving the truck and lifting the very heavy truck door. My IRA that I had accumulated a fair (not great) of money in  was loaned to a business partner who basically called it a bad business deal and have not seen anything from it. Nothing. It’s gone.  Also, looking for an accountant to help me with some back taxes that I need done.

Currently, I owe money to the hospitals, Clinics, Cancer treatments Radiation, Drs, feeding tube nutrition, medications, home health care, SLP, PT, OT (they charged my credit card now am paying fees and interest – can’t pay off), a nursing facility that said they were BCBSMN and only to find out AFTER the stay that they were not and now owe out of pocket. Help me fight this?

I receive just enough money un Social Security disability to pay house payment and insurance on my vehicle. Been selling stuff to help with bills and my girlfriend helps with food and utilities. She also is on SSD and not healthy. House payment is less than rent in our area.  It does not give me much extra to  cover the deductibles and out of pocket that occurred from December 2020 to April 2021 when Medicaid kicked in.

With your help I can get these expenses under control and not worry about them so I can focus on my cancer survival. I have lost over 48 lbs and now just over 130 lbs. My nickname from years ago Thinman, holds very true today.

I am currently have finished chemo, radiation and am on an Immunotherapy called Keytruda. I am a fighter and am going to to my best to stay alive for as long as possible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me out of this nightmare with your donation.  May God Bless you.



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