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We lost our baby Daniel at 8 months old after a long battle with LCH(rare cancer). His father lost his job due to the unpredictable treatments and time we spent with him in hospital. We lost our home within two months of returning home from hospital And we were at rock bottom having to bury our baby…. No where to go. A year passed and we had started to feel like we were regaining some normalcy but then I lost my job when co-vid 1st began and we were evicted from our new home..again.. and until we can get financially stable I have let my parents keep my two boys(14 and 6)and my aunt keeps my youngest boy(3). I’m not one to ask for money but we are at a point where we don’t know what we are going to do. Thanks for any support and prayers are appreciated. We just want to be a family again. I feel like I have lost everything and I’m worried about my husband….we just need help getting back on our feet.


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