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Update: August 3, 2018

So I just finished my first Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Riding across this nation for approximately 9,500 miles. I became very determined to finish and what a rewarding experience it was. Meeting new friends and people from all over for personal growth. Definitely a rewarding experience to say the least. 

Update: June 30, 2018

Just 2 weeks away before I head out on my ride…The official start date of the ride is July 15th and I hope to complete it 18-20 days.  Thank you all again for donating.


My name is Pete and this is my Hoka Hey Fundraising campaign:

This July, I will be participating in a 10,000 mile cross country motorcycle challenge. It is called the Hoka Hey Motorcyle Challenge, which in Lakota means, It’s a Good Day to Ride. The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge is a CALL TO ACTION!  It is a long distance endurance ride that:

Dares a few to Few to plunge headlong into the abyss…

Defies the Chosen to confront considerable obstacles…

Challenges Warriors to continue in spite of brutal physical elements.

The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge strips you of modern conveniences and leaves you vulnerable to the unknown!  Without the aid of electronic navigation and the creature comforts of a hotel room; you must navigate the HHMC route using the driving directions we provide.  Braving the elements along these technical and scenic two lane roads, you will be forced to confront your demons. Riders have been asked to pick a charity to raise money.  I’ve picked 4 great charities and ALL  funds will be going directly to each charity after I complete the challenge and every dollar raised is 100% tax deductible.  Every dollar is incredibly helpful and I hope you can help. The charities I’ve selected are:





 Thank you in advance for supporting me and the charities I’ve selected. I would not be able to do anything like this if it wasn’t for my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Sincerely, Pete

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 (ESV)


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