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Friends and fellow Humans,

I feel called to continue working with the homeless among us.   I will be making another trip to Fort Worth’s shelter district on Saturday, Feb 4.   So many of you have offered to help in many ways – clothing donations, money, delivery.    This is my call to action for you-   we are in the midst of winter, which means you have already figured out which of the many winter weather clothing options in your closets you are drawn to- why not donate those left behind in the closet, attic, storage? – like old ski clothes you are no longer going to wear, that coat that just doesn’t seem to be in style any longer, knit caps, gloves (maybe you have two mismatched ones and you know you will never find the mates), scarves, face warmers, neck warmers, heavy flannel shirts, or even some blankets that never see the light of day, but are there in your storage “just in case.”    Not camping anymore?  Donate your old sleeping bag!    Have several pairs of running shoes or warm boots, donate them (mostly men’s and women’s sizes, no children, and if you know the size, please mark it with a sharpie on the bottom)    Other useful donations would be cases of bottled water and rain ponchos (get these at the camping aisle in your favorite store.)  Ask your friends, church congregations, really anyone, to put together a pile of warm things and drop it by my house.  I will have some large trash bags there to keep them out of the elements until I can get home and sort them.

For those who would rather give cash that will go to a hot meal and snacks (loaded hot ham sandwiches, peanut butter crackers, fresh fruit, etc.)  please use the tax free link to do so.    One good run that will feed about 200 people for the day will cost about $400.    Please give small or large, anything helps.  (if you have a ham in your freezer that you won’t get around to anytime soon, feel free to drop that by my house as well (would be needed by Jan 28.)  Any extra cash over $400 will be used to buy extra bottled water.

Finally, for those who really want to GET IN ON THE ACTION- plan to meet me at my house early on Feb 4 where we will be sorting donations, making sandwiches and loading vehicles to make the 20 mins trip to Fort Worth.    If you are just able to give a short amount of time and want it to be the most life changing, most rewarding and yet heart-bending time spent, join us at 2PM to caravan out to meet some of the most humble, appreciative, most “in need” people.     Just pressing a hot sandwich into someone’s hands, or handing over a warm pair of gloves,  for the briefest of seconds, you will see the gratitude in his/her face triumph stronger than the pain of one’s lifetime of letdowns and you will feel an immediate human connection that you will not forget.

Everyone is welcome-I have witnessed young kids be welcomed by this special community with graciousness and carefulness, treating them almost like a vision of hope not to be disturbed, but to be appreciated from afar.  Your kids will be safe to participate, but I would recommend to have at least 1 adult buddy for every young person under 15.

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