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My name is Luella Cooper born September 19, 1956, and I am 66 years old Married to a caring man name Ebb Cooper for 17 years. We have together 7 grown children 12 Grand Children and 5 Great Grands. I was Diagnose with Pancreatic Cancer on April 5th, 2022. I was a healthcare worker and had started my own small business in August of 2018 in home healthcare for Patience’s and Families that wanted their loves to have in home care. My ordeal started in April of 2020 when I got a phone call from my 93-year-old Mother in Arkansas saying that she had pains in her chest that she had never encountered before. She was taken to Memphis Memorial Hospital and was Diagnose with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. I left my Business and my husband for 3 weeks and went to Arkansas to take care of my mom and to get her some home health care. After 3 weeks of trying to fine help in this small town in Arkansas and not finding the help my Mom and I decided to bring her here to Ohio, We finally got the help she needed from Hospice of Ohio. Myself not knowing that I had a deadly Cancer growing in my Pancreas. I was feeling the pain in my back and put off getting a GI so I could be available to take care of my Mother. She did not want Chemo or Radiation because she said she was old and it would only make her feel worst, so I stop working and stayed home with my Mother until she died in my arms on September 30th of 2021. Myself like others was shock when I went to ER after enduring pain in my upper abdomen and back that I had Pancreatic Cancer. I was told that it had been growing there for almost a year and this was around the same time I drove to Arkansas to help my Mother. I am scared and weak and feel helpless cause I can not help with bills anymore  I strongly believe and we are practically losing all we build up over the years. I have painfully had 10 rounds of Chemotherapy. My family and I had high hopes of it shrinking and I could have Surgery. On the 8th round I develop two blood clots one in my left lung and the other in my Jugular and was caught in time before they became deadly. My breathing was raspy, and the left side of my neck was swollen. I was scheduled that morning to have Chemo and I concerned these issues to my Oncologist, and she said this could be blood clots and ordered a scan. They found the clots and I was prescribed a blood thinner to keep from getting more clots. I am on my second Port and this one got Bacteria in it causing Bacteria in my blood, and I was put in the Hospital for 4 days to clear it up. My Tumor level went from aa 227 to 3,682 and a scan showed this result: 1. Slight increase in size in the pancreatic head lesion measuring up to 3.1 cm compared to prior which it measured 2.9 cm. There is stable encasement of the SMV, portal vein, and gastroduodenal artery.2. Slight increase in size in a lymph node in the porta hepatis region now measuring 1.0 x 0.8 cm compared to 1.4 x 0.9 cm. I am now in my 3rd week of starting all over with an addition of daily Radiation and Chemo. I would bring the Pump home for 5 days and the Chemo is time released and I travel 5 days a week 16 miles there and 16 back for Radiation for 28 days. The bills are stacking up and our credit score is now under 400. so we can’t get a loan to compensate.  My Oncologist  says I only have a 20% rate of it shrinking and having surgery to remove the tumor because Pancreas Cancer is one of the worst cancer and I would probably have to have Chemo for the rest of my life. My tumor levels keep going up. I strongly believe in God and he will help me in what ever my Faith is.  Please help!


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