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Pam needs help paying for her home shared with Calvin for over twenty years. The home is financed by a Loan in Calvin’s name. Since Calvin passed away unexpectedly recently, Pam is trying to reduce the amout owed on the home to make it more affordable for her.  The $50,000.00 will be used to pay down the loan on the home, to make things more affordable, along with other living expenses. The current loan balance on the home is around 150,000.  Calvin was the main ‘Breadwinner’, so Pam has limited means for housing and all other necessities. Pam has an elderly mother who depends on her, amongst other elderly relatives. Pam also has several medical issues that have already drained a lot of her resources, and makes it hard to maintain the level of income needed to make up for the loss of a second income, but the housing issue has been complicated by Calvin’s death. The current housing situation in most areas, does not allow Pam to arrange for a more affordable option then what she currently has, nor does she want to leave the home they built together.  Calvin and Pam made this house their home for 20 years.  Your donation will help Pam keep the home she made with Calvin.


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