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My name is Daniel Rasmussen, but please call me Dj. I’m writing you on this Monday evening, July 1st, asking for your help in the process of keeping myself gainfully employed and not living on the streets.

I’ve been travelling, working, throughout much of the country for nearly 11 years, but that all changed two years ago, when something started changing physically for the worse on my left side. This is the same side as was injured during an Army basic training accident, wherein I was temporarily partially paralyzed, from which I’d mostly recovered. Over 10 years ago I thought others were better suited for benefits than I, and I lived in ways which supported that wellbeing as best as possible. I’ve been succeeding well, until recently, when I was told that working (toward paying initial fees for) while requiring reconstructive shoulder surgeries is no longer optional. I received this news within the same week as losing my job, and now two weeks later (chain of events) I’m losing my place to live.

I’m still physically functional (though limited), have a stellar resume, already have what business and employment processes started that I can start on my own. The business establishing was nearly prepared, until this unexpected turn of events. (Just a little hiccup!) I am intending to work, have in no way lost motivation, and already began V.A. disability claims processes. My pertinent military records are classified “eyes only” and a V.A. lawyer is needed

Still, it’s all a been sudden. I have employment waiting, V.A. disability claims process actively initiated, and I just need a little honest help to keep going in a good direction during a hard time. Affording this vehicle (food, emergency expenses, appointment facilitating, etc) does that, and much, much more!

I’m asking for help affording initial expenses of buying a vehicle, because I’d be immediately employed, able to more simply facilitate my medical appointments, and I’d have somewhere safe for sheltering at night (while building back up during the day!). I have a co-signer ready, but not the rest…

Thank you for reading this part of my story. Just know that there’s more to my life and story than this (challenging) transition! Please consider connecting with me about any relevant questions, donating what you feel is appropriate, and/or sharing this with those you may know. Any of those are helpful! Again, thank you..

With warmness,



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