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Paco Alarcon Velazquez has been a landscape crew foremen for our company, Mead Tree & Turf Care, since 2004. Our company has established this fundraising campaign to help Paco Alarcon with his medical and financial needs resulting from End Stage Renal Disease. Always a healthy and hardworking person, Paco took a trip to the emergency room 4 months ago with facial and throat swelling and what seemed to be an allergic reaction. It was a shock to find out that instead, he’d had total kidney failure (ESRD) caused by a disorder that has been slowly destroying his kidneys over many years.

Due to his (Paco Alarcon) otherwise good health and fitness, there were no symptoms or warning signs. He now needs 4 hours of dialysis 3 times a week and has just been listed for a kidney transplant with Medstar Georgetown Hospital in Washington DC. Although he is fortunate to have health insurance, his out of pockets costs have been very high due to the frequency of treatments, doctor visits, medications, and hospital co-pays. Including his hospitalization, he has had 65 medical interventions to date with 16 different providers. Paco Alarcon has also had surgery to install a permanent port for his dialysis which will be ready for use in January. Therefore, we are trying to raise enough money to help with his unpaid medical bills and living expenses for the next 3 months until his condition stabilizes and he is able to work again.

Paco supports a wife and 3 school-aged children who live in Mexico. He works in the USA yearly via a 10-month H2B work visa and is currently on a tourist visa during the time his condition stabilizes and his H2B visa renews. Traveling back to Mexico would be life-threatening at this time, due to the lack of appropriate medical care where he lives. It is a very stressful situation due not only to the seriousness of his medical condition, but the complications involved in the visa process, and the inability to cover expenses.

We are hoping our friends and business associates will help Paco by making a small donation through this fundraising campaign. Any amount will be appreciated.

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