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I’m currently living and working in a different city other  than where I’m getting my Medical treatments. In September 2022, I discovered I have  Cancer.   I started my job on 11-16-2021; while working in pain, I would not get my FMLA (which is Medical leave) until I  worked a year on my job.  For three months, I kept in contact with my doctors.  My anniversary date on my job was 11-16-2022.  My doctors urged me to come to Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  to get treatment right away, which involves me getting Chemotherapy alone in X3 cycles over 9-12 weeks.  Then I will receive daily Radiation with weekly Chemotherapy for 7 weeks.  I have exhausted all my funds from my Medical leave, Sick days, and Vacation days on lodging alone.  I have no more funds to pay for my stay in Pittsburgh, PA while in treatment or to pay for my rent In the other city where I reside for the months of   March 2023 and April 2023 which is two months.   My apartment complex is not willing to negotiate with me for the two months. I have been at this complex for three years now and have not missed a single rent payment. Also some of my  Medical insurance is not being covered.  I would work in Pittsburgh, PA, while doing my treatments, but I would lose my  short- term Disability insurance.  My doctors do not want me to work while doing my treatments because I’m at high risk for infections and bleeding.  They do not want me around groups of people until after my treatments are finished.   I am a very hard worker, and this is the first time that I have felt helpless financially.   I’m a Residential Advisor, I love my job because I help young adults find their way through life. My heart melts when a student thanks me for guiding them in the right direction and helping them stay focused on their goals so they can progress in their life.


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