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Hi, my name is Topher and I’m seeking assistance from anyone who could contribute. I was in the hospital this summer for diabetic ketoacidosis and pancreatitis. This was life threatening and I spent the time in the Intensive care unit. This left me several weeks with unpaid time off, (10 days in hospital) and recovery after, and I’ve started to finally catch up. However, after months of trying to work with the hospital (and getting a reduction), they still want about $28,000 – and a large $500 monthly payment, which in the current economy is hard to afford. I have medical insurance, but found out the hard way – they don’t cover emergency services. I was completely caught off guard by this! I’m still unsure how emergency services aren’t covered. The original bill was close to $60k and I still have individual doctors billing me amounts upwards of $10,000. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t ask, BUT my work assignment is coming to an end, and we will be down a significant amount of income for the foreseeable future. Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated and I’m forever grateful for the amazing doctors who helped me recover. I’ve spent my life helping out others as much as possible by contributing to those in need, providing computer services and education to community members, and would love to continue paying it forward. Any contributions go directly to pay the attached medical bill. Please find it in your hearts to contribute. peace, love, and best wishes, Topher


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