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Our house needs a new roof. Ceiling is falling into living room. Probably black mold there, too. My husband passed away one year ago this Wednesday.  He had not had much of an income for many years since he was a passionate abstract painter.  It is possible to trade an abstract painting in return for the value of donation.

We are trying to hold onto the house, since we have no where else to live, in light of my husband’s extensive  number of paintings.  We have two mortgages in addition to having to decide which bill to pay next.

We don’t expect enough money to add a new roof and replace wood-soaked window beneath, but anything would help.  i am 66 years old and would like to spend my remaining days in my home.  I can’t retire because I have to work at least until i am seventy years old.  it’s either that or move to senior living space.  the house is in poor condition but i’ve lived here since 1981.  at the moment, i’m considering throwing a waterproof tarp on the house.  If you have any ideas of how that might be done, i would like to hear any suggestions.  This is supposed to be a 250 word description of my issue, but i can’t think of more to say except that i am a secretary.  My daughter lives in my deceased husband’s studio and helps with some of the bills.  I am out of heating oil and need to figure out how to purchase the smallest amount possible.  thank you for considering this.


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