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Our good friend Teiva experienced something nobody should ever experience. He lost his loving and memory filled home to a tragic fire on April 8, 2023. His entire neighborhood was reduced to ashes, and he has nothing to show for it except him and his family

Teiva and his family (Teiva is the one at the bottom of the photo and his mom and dad are near the top) are not just victims of circumstance; they are kind and generous beloved members of our community who have always extended a helping hand to others. Now, it is our turn to lend that hand back.

As they navigate this challenging time, Teiva and his family need the support of their community to rebuild their life. We created a GoFundMe so that the funds raised will go towards securing temporary housing, replacing essential belongings (food, clothes, water, etc.) , and slowly reconstructing a sense of normalcy. In addition to taking money donations we would greatly appreciate if you could donate physical things like clothes, house appliances, furniture and food.

Every donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference. Let’s come together as a community to lift up Teiva and his family and show them that they are not alone in their time of need and sorrow. Your kindness and generosity will help them rise from the ashes and rebuild their future.

Please donate and share this fundraiser to spread the word so we can hopefully raise enough for them to live normally once again. Your support means the world to Teiva, his family and all of us who care deeply for them. Thank you for being a beacon of hope in their time of need.


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