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I am a huge animal lover with a heart of gold. I am also disabled and on a very low fixed income. I currently have 30 cats in my home that I have taken off the streets and provided vet care for. I do everything for these cats from feeding them, playing with toys with them and most of all providing a safe and loving home for them. I am working towards starting a sanctuary where every cat will have a forever home. I would like a home for each of the following: senior cats, pregnant and nursing cats, Leukemia positive cats, aids cats (minimum of 5 houses) not buildings with cages. I want to be able to continue to help every abused, abandoned, homeless, neglected and stray cat I can. I can not do this alone and seek the support and donations of other animal lovers to help me continue to help the cats. I have several cats that have come off the streets that have serious health issues and require continuous vet care. I am always in need of cat food wet/dry, litter treats, toys, help with vet costs and anything and everything to make sure the cats live a safe, healthy, happy and long life. I also help other pet owners with getting their furry family members spayed/neutered, vaccinated and other vet care that I can help with. Please if you love animals help me help them by donating.  I will not give up helping the kitties. They need me and they never asked to be put in the situation that they were in.


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